Dating : DAE delete their exes contact info bc you don’t trust yourself not to contact them?

Dating : DAE delete their exes contact info bc you don’t trust yourself not to contact them?

Recently broke up with a girl bc I wanted something more serious. Plus if I’m being honest we had zero (no exaggeration) shared interests, unless you count ice cream as an interest.

When I broke up with her I felt hurt that she didn’t want to take things to the next level, but my memory is short, and even though it was a very amiable break, I had to unfriend her/delete her number. I don’t wanna catch myself going thru old conversations and I especially don’t wanna make the mistake of getting lonely some day and asking her again to give me what she already said she won’t give.

I’m looking out for my future self bc that guy has no self respect: he keeps wanting to go back to the same people that hurt him.

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  1. Umm… I think the bigger issue is your lack of self control (and admitted self-respect). I still have exes in my phone, but I’m not going to contact them. If I do, it would be a conscious decision; I’ve been shitface drunk and still not blown them up/sent anything their way. It’s mostly so *I* know if they’re contacting *me*. Plus some of them were pretty good sex, so if I ever do decide I hate myself, they’re only one call away.

    Idk why you’d want something serious with someone you have nothing in common with… that scarcity mindset screams « I’m desperate » and only exacerbates your problems.

  2. I delete them because they’re a waste of your life in all uses of the term. Ex’s hold literally nothing but negative things for you, so you gotta hard pass on them.

  3. You guys weren’t even serious yet. Just leave it and move on to the next. If I were her I would not take you back seeing as how you weren’t even officially seeing eatchother yet.
    Meet a new girl and talk to her instead!

  4. The only person I’ve blocked after breaking up with him ended up being my ex cause I have a restraining order against him. The rest of my exes have all been in the military and we’ve stayed friends just so I can make sure they are ok if something happens

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