Dating : Did I get ghosted

Dating : Did I get ghosted

So about last month I went on a date with a girl that I really like who I knew for about 4 months and it went really well we met at the park we went to a nice restaurant so we can get to know each other better we talked for about 40 minutes which I think is great since we both really enjoy talking with each other then after that she told me she wanted to take me to her secret spot that she usually goes to and that she never shows anybody it was just a park but with a nice view of the city it was honestly really beautiful and then after that we both hug each other and we went our separate ways and then I messaged her about an hour later saying that I had a really great time and that we should definitely meet up again sometime and she said that she would definitely like that.

Now I tried to make up another date for us to me as soon as possible but she told me that she was going on a vacation with her parents who she barely sees which I completely understand so I did try to keep in touch with her every now and then but I try not to overdo it but about 2 weeks ago I messaged her just to see how she was and it’s really been about 13 days and no response from her at all I also want to clarify that we both use messenger and my message hasn’t been read and she also hasn’t been online either.

So should I just wait until she gets back to me or should I just move on.

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What do you think?

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  1. If she hasn’t been online then you’re not ghosted? In my book, ghosting is only after your message (repeatedly) gets seen & ignored.

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