Dating : Dinner on a Date

Dating : Dinner on a Date

Should I, as a man, pay the dinner on our first date? Should I ask her if she’s fine with me paying for both of us? Or should we both pay for our own meal?

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  1. Personally I wouldn’t do dinner on a first date but if I did I would assume I’m paying unless I meet with resistance. I would not bring up the topic before the date.

  2. Plan to pay separately but if you have a great time it’s not the worst idea to offer to pay for it all. Not because of gender roles but just as a sweet gesture to show you had a great time ☺️

  3. Yes, you should offer to pay for the meal. It’s nice to have a ‘back and forth’ where one person pays for one date, the other pays for another date, etc.

    I am assuming you asked her out. I would say it partly depends on incomes as well but you won’t know that right away.

  4. As a woman, I never assume that the guy is paying for the entire meal. I offer to split it with him when the check comes, or if it comes up during conversation, I offer to get separate checks. Some guys have taken me up on my offer, and some insist on paying for the full meal.

  5. Well I think it depends on who asked who. If it was you who asked, then it’s preferred that you pay. If was her who asked then she should offer to pay, or at least split it. Just be open at the beginning and ask.

  6. If you asked her out you should pay.

    If you want to avoid a discussion about the issue, just excuse yourself to the men’s room near the end of the evening, then settle the bill at the front desk before you return to your table. Then you can just lead her out when you’re all done and there’s no fuss over money stuff, plus you’ll seem suave. (If she asks, « Did you pay? » just reply « it’s taken care of », no further explanation should be given to her).

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