Dating : Do girls go out with someone whom they are not interested in?

Dating : Do girls go out with someone whom they are not interested in?

Seeing this girl currently and I have previously confessed my feelings by telling her I meant to ask her out for dates so that she doesn’t think we are just hanging out. She didn’t give me a direct answer then, but based on her reply, she felt that date can only refer to couples and hinted that we were already sort of progressing to be couple once we hang out long enough.

The confusion I have now is that she is often slow in text replies (from hours to up to a day, despite seeing her online), and sometimes seem to be trying to end the conversation. Yet, she still agrees to go out with me for meals. Even though we could have return home after the meals, she agrees to go for a walk or some spontaneous activity with me. I intend to ask her during our next meetup about her texting styles that is bothering me, but just want to ask around from a girl’s perspective, whether her conflicting behaviour in texts and actual person is because her feelings for me are not strong, or is it that she is just a poor texter and I am overthinking. Just to add that English is not her main language but she is still able to converse pretty well.

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  1. Honestly I do very often go out with guys that I am maybe not super interested in. I like to give them a chance, perhaps their look isn’t exactly appealing but their personality is amazing and after one or two dates I will know whether or not I’d like to pursue things further. Case in point I went out with a guy on Saturday, looks wise I was a bit skeptical because he is just not my type at all. Personality wise he is awesome and I had a ton of fun. If he didn’t remind me so much of one of my friends I would honestly give him a chance and actually would want to date him. But he looks and acts like my best friend so I am a bit weirded out lol… Point is it happens all the time.

  2. Some people don’t enjoy texting. People don’t always have the time to text back right away. Just because she’s online, she could be doing something else.

  3. Two words. Fuck. No. And if they do, you are only there for a second until your replacement comes through. Basically, you’d be a flash in the pan.

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