Dating : Do I need to play the field? [19M]

Dating : Do I need to play the field? [19M]

About 7 months ago, I met the perfect girl. Or at least I think I have. She is smart, beautiful, caring, and is great in bed. Even better, she worships me, and thinks that I am the one. I love her too, and I really see myself settling down with this girl. However, I often think that I have missed out on a crucial part of life. She is the only girl that I have ever kissed, had sex with, etc. Growing up, my parents loved me, but never really showed it in a physical way, (IE hugs, kisses, etc.). I also was, and am, plagued by a lot of anxiety about my future, and regrets about not doing more in the past. This extends beyond the world of dating, but my question pertains more to our relationship as a whole. I knew before we started dating that she had a prior boyfriend, and that she lost her virginity to him (we hadn’t even met yet). Recently she revealed a hookup she had with another guy a few weeks before we met, and it devastated me. I know that my sadness has more to do with internal factors than her, but I worry that I cannot be a good boyfriend/future husband to this girl because of my recent sadness and overall assholeness towards her past. I oftentimes wonder if this desire to be with someone else (sexually purely) is something that I can get over, or if I need to think seriously about breaking off our relationship to play the field a bit more. If there’s any advice anyone could give me about moving past retroactive jealousy, and personal regrets about lack of experience I would really appreciate it, thank you.

TLDR: I started dating a girl I love, but I worry I will be unhappy in the future only having 1 partner (kissing, sex, etc) over the course of my whole life.

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  1. Dude…you’re 19…chill out a bit. It doesn’t matter what she had done in the past, before meeting you. Sounds to me like youre just kind of trying to « make a bigger deal » than things really should be.

    I’d just let all of this play out…cause you have a lot of time to play the field.

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