Dating : Does she have interest in me?

Dating : Does she have interest in me?

There’s an older co-worker I work with that would give me compliments where one time she complimented my voice saying I have a very manly voice & to take it as a compliment. She also one time mentioned me being handsome as well as complimenting my haircut. Also one time when I went to eat nearby where we work I didn’t notice her there, but she said later that day about why didn’t I say hi to her or sit with her since she was there when I went in. The one time she did say I’m not flirting with you so that’s what makes me think she’s not interested at all. She usually always has a big smile on her face & waves at me when she first sees me for the day from a distance. My assumption is that she’s definitely attracted to me but probably not in any sort of dating way. Thoughts?

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