Dating : Does she like me?

Dating : Does she like me?

There’s a friend of mine and she gives me mixed signals whether or not she likes me. I am unsure if I should make a move. Keep in mind realistically our long term relationship would probably depend on becoming more than friends as distance will eventually lead to us becoming acquaintances. However, if something more was to happen our lives could go in the same way. Anyway here are the signs

Sending me music videos at 2am out of the blue
Spoke about her first love and asked me did I ever fall so hard for someone
She asked me to touch her abs “not in a weird way”
Replies very quickly and is always receptive to my plans/ideas
Remembers random slang, phrases and convos we’ve had….

Alll sounds good but she has never really complimented my looks.

Also we had a chat yesterday and she told me that I should believe in myself and when I do I will be done(we were talking Bout our goalless) That to me doesn’t sound like something a girl who fancies a guy would say, unless she feels closer than I think we are and likes me more than I think she does.


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What do you think?

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  1. I’d say she likes you as a friend. She seems to be comfortable around you and maybe wants more, but I wouldn’t jump the gun at this point. Maybe you could try to lead your conversations with her in other directions related to relationships and then decide what to do. However, from what you wrote I wouldn’t say that she’s interested in you in a romantical way.

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