Dating : Fate – is it real? Forgive me in advance for being cheesy…

Dating : Fate – is it real? Forgive me in advance for being cheesy…

/Is fate real? The dictionary definition of the word is « the development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power. »

Some people don’t believe in fate, some do. Before today, I would have said no, it does not exist, especially when it comes to love and relationships. People choose to tolerate one and another..blah blah blah. » Then, something came to mind. We are where we are because of « something ». I thought about my mom who was married to my dad, they moved to Texas together, divorced, and that was that. While my parents were doing their thing, my stepdad was in the process of becoming a permanent resident and got a work visa to work in the US. He moved to our small hometown and began to work. Years after my parents split up, my now stepdad and mom met, fell in love and married. Still married, in love, etc They are convinced that they are soulmates and believe fate brought them together. How many other stories are like this??!! Doesn’t have to be this specific story, but different cities, backgrounds, jobs, etc, people coming together?!? Isn’t that beautiful, or is it just me?

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  1. I have a fun story!

    In March my sister invited me to go to San Diego to go see a DJ with her. I live in LA so it’s a 2+ hour mission in and of itself, plus the ticket was $80. I really tried to make the effort to go because she lives in Oregon and I barely see her, but a week from the event I told my sister I couldn’t go because I couldn’t afford the trip. So that same week I was scrolling through Twitter and I saw that a random girl I follow was looking for a buddy for an edm event in LA going on that same weekend I would’ve been in San Diego. It was only $25 and I figured it’d be fun and I’d make a new friend to go to EDM shows with, so I messaged her and bought a ticket. I was actually dating a guy at the time but he wasn’t really into the EDM scene, so I decided to end things with him because I couldn’t be with a guy that didn’t share my interests. I hopped back on tinder just for funsies, and matched with a dude and we talked on and off for two days. On Thursday the girl from twitter told me she had to cancel but told me I could keep the ticket for free and take someone else, so I was scrambling thinking of who I could possibly take last minute. I decided to ask the guy from tinder because he had mentioned he liked that kind of music, and he agreed to come, which I was surprised about because we’d only talked for 2 days. It wasn’t meant to be a date though, just a last minute thing for both of us. We ended up having a blast and hit it off really well. A month later we were saying I Love You, and we became official. It’s the healthiest, most loving, trusting, and all around best relationship I’ve ever been in. Only 3 months in and I see him as the one I could spend the rest of my life with.

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