Dating : Finding like minded people with dating prospects.

Dating : Finding like minded people with dating prospects.

Forgive me if this sounds like another post where a single guy is frustrated about finding someone. But I’m genuinely puzzled as to what should I do.

I’m 24 year old male, that lives in a mid size metro city with a happening-enough college scene. I recently finished Grad school and started working about a year ago. I’m pretty social and have a lot of friends. I go out to bars often, go to events such as concerts and shows in New York city (my city is about 90 miles from NYC) a lot as well. And in general I travel inside the US pretty often too.

Yet, when it comes to meeting women with similar interests it has been very tough. I intermittently use Tinder & Bumble but the quality and quantity of the matches is not the best. I’m not saying I’m looking for the ideal woman or anything but I just wanna meet someone who enjoys life same way I do.

I tried asking my friends but most of them are entering their 30s and don’t have many single friends. And the couple numbers I’ve gotten through them haven’t panned out.

To be honest I’ve never been picking up women at a bar kinda guy nor do I want casual hookups.

It has been just so frustrating to find someone with either similar interests or just someone who’s in a same situation (post college/grad-school and working and likes travelling or going to shows etc.)

What should someone like me do in this situation?
Any suggestions are appreciated.

TLDR : Single guy, mid 20s, in a urban setting. Apps have been duds and wants to meet like minded women.

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  1. I’ve been there dude. Thou i’m only 21. Haven’t finished college yet, next year is gonna be my last.

    I’ve been using dating apps for 3 years and 90% of girls convos don’t continue after 5 messages Xd

    Hang in there there still hope, i suggest taking a week break from daring apps and enjoy being with your own company

    Cuz i’ve burned out from dating Xd

  2. (lady speaking here) I’ve come to the opinion that it’s just kind of a crapshoot with meeting anybody.
    Out of the relationships I’ve been in (I’m 27 and have been in two that were actually long term and serious), one guy was a really good match with me. We had similar hobbies, were a good match intellectually, enjoyed the same kind of creature comforts(like living near the water, electric blankets in winter, having cocktails+oysters on the patio of a restaurant), wanted to build a similar sort of future for ourselves.
    We’ve rebuilt our friendship since breaking up about a year ago, and I feel lucky for that, but as for ever finding such a fitting partner again… I’m watching and waiting, but not holding my breath.

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