Dating : First movie date. She doesn’t wanna pick the movie. What do I do?

Dating : First movie date. She doesn’t wanna pick the movie. What do I do?

So this is our first date and this is the only part I’m having trouble planning. She doesn’t wanna pick the movie and insists watching whatever I wanna watch. But I wanna watch whatever she wants to watch. But at the same time I’m running out of time to plan and I don’t wanna seem any less of a man or weird or a nerd for choosing one specific movie. I don’t know what to do.

edit: And what’re some good options for a movie rn? I don’t have any particular interest in any genre as long as it doesn’t give off the wrong vibe.

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  1. A movie date isn’t great because you don’t get to talk or get to know each other. But you know that already.

    Just pick the damn movie. Show her you can make decisions. Booksmart is good. There, I picked it for you. Y’all have fun!

  2. Ok, learning moment: a majority of women are not confident about the whole ‘choosing what to do’ responsibility. What they love therefore is for a guy who can come in, make those choices and plans, and for them to turn out to be good/great.

    Next time you’re in this situation, be it a movie, or a restaurant or another activity, do some research, come up with a plan and propose that plan. « Want to go out watch John Wick 3 with me on Friday evening? ». It barely matters what it is, if she’s interested in you the answer will be ‘Yes’. Just make sure you mostly make good plans vs poor ones.

  3. She just wants you make the decision, and most likely she doesn’t care that much about which movie you pick since she insisted, so don’t worry if you pick a bad or “wrong” one.
    Even if you did, she probably wouldn’t mind much. Don’t worry about it! Movie is just a supplement for the date, the interactions during dinner are a lot more important (if you guys really are planning on going to a dinner, like you mentioned in one of the comments)

  4. Pick an old movie, one that’s in the cheap ass theater, sit in the very back, shouldn’t be anyone in there. Put your hand around her, rub her back, try to kiss her, if you get play, y’all can have some fun in a dark room, sounds like the movie itself isn’t that important anymore, aye? 🙂

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