Dating : Friend of girl interferring with hookup

Dating : Friend of girl interferring with hookup

So I am away on vacation for 5 more days and yesterday I met this girl (19 y/o) at the club. We danced together and made out and it ended up with her having to follow her friend home because she was too drunk. I got her number before she left and we met today again at the same club. We danced and made out for about an hour before I asked her if she wanted to join me to my hotel room. She was up for it but just had to talk to her friend who I mentioned earlier. In the end we all took a taxi to my hotel but then they started arguing. They argued about having to stick together and her friend asked her if it was really worth it for a hookup.

I know the girl is really into me but I do not know how to go about the situation with her best friend. They are also staying for 5 more days at a hotel about 1 kilometre from mine. What should I do? I really like this girl but I am not sure how to go about the whole situation. I get the feeling that if we meet up at the club again we will not be able to leave anyway because of her friend. Her friend seems kind of stubborn and obsessed with control (also according to the girl). What should I do to succeed with this girl? Btw she lives about 1 hour from me at home. Thanks in advance!

TLDR: The friend of a girl from the club that I was about to sleep with kind of sabotaged it, what should I do from now?

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  1. That friend is just jealous because she doesn’t have anyone so she’s cock-blocking you. Is she unattractive? I’m guessing she’s unattractive. If the girl you like won’t stand up for herself then there is nothing you can do but move on.

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