Dating : [Funny] she didn’t reply for a few days and out of nowhere texts me “I’m back!”

Dating : [Funny] she didn’t reply for a few days and out of nowhere texts me “I’m back!”

I laughed because I wasn’t expecting her to reply anymore it was just so random.. I’m not sure if I should keep on talking to her or not but I definitely got a laugh out of this

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  1. Id text her back, « I’m forward »

    Wait a few minutes and then say « I’m moving forward to other girls that don’t disappear. »

  2. I’m guilty of doing this. I’ve set up a date and ghosted a guy because I was dating someone at the time and I thought it was going well. A couple days later I realized the guy i was dating was not someone I really want to be with so I texted the other guy and tried to make conversation again. I asked if he was available for a date and he agreed. We clicked and we’ve been dating since February. I know what I’ve done was not something to be proud of and I could have told him directly that I was going to cancel. I’m not saying my actions are justified but sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith. My boyfriend still makes fun of me for ghosting him but I’ve done my best to make him feel appreciated and loved. I’m also very thankful he gave me one more chance because I would have missed on someone so wonderful

  3. you got two choices.

    ignore her which means to me you aren’t interested….

    if you are interested, text her back asking when she would like to hang out.

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