Dating : General question for guys

Dating : General question for guys

I’ve seen this in profiles, and I just have to ask… when a guy says he wants kids someday, or “definitely” wants kids someday (like in Match), and is looking for women up to 50 or so, what exactly is the intent?

Are you telling me you are looking for a woman to have biological children with? Or that you are open to becoming a stepfather?

Generally, women between 40 and 50 ether a) have kids and don’t want more biologically or b) don’t have kids and are cool with that. There are always exceptions.

Conversely, if you state you don’t want kids, are yon excluding the children a woman already has?

I find these questions to be problematic and bad UX. Why not give users more options to clearly define this area of dating?

Kids can be a dealbreaker or polarizing. On the other hand, many of us prefer them. I have a teenager, and have no problem meeting someone with similar-aged kids (we’d understand each other on a level a childless or child free person might not), but I’m pretty sure I’m done producing them.

What do you think?


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  1. Men are all different some don’t want kids and will ghost you when they find out you have a child. But others are open to the idea of being a stepfather most would not want a child if they are past the age of 50 and are still dating because the y already have them or have decided against them you just have to ask

  2. If they say they want kids, it’s fair to assume it’s their own kids that they want and not some other random guys kids.

    Generally speaking, men aren’t going to want to raise someone else’s offspring. It’s biologically wrong.

    With that said, I’m sure there are a few who wouldn’t mind but for sure a minority.

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