Dating : Getting over fear.

Dating : Getting over fear.

I’m in a mixed up situation. It’s rewind time, a few years. I used to be a boring guy in college who plays video games all day and does nothing. On top of it an introvert. So I don’t generally get along with a lot of people except a few of my type. And I tend to overthink as well. So if a nice girl comes along I used fantasize that she’s my GF and all that crap and you know where this is going.

After a few rejections, I realize that the problem is with me. Not good enough. So fuck that, I’m doing my shit from now onwards. After college, I got a job in a huge company and then I started working on myself. I like it when I brag about myself, so let’s be done with that. I started hitting the gym, so I have some muscles now with a tall, lean and dark structure. I get noticed by women more now than when I was in college. I started traveling and ended up liking it. Have done solo trips and tons of hiking. So you can say I’m physically doing well. I’m a programmer and I’m really good at what I’m doing. I like helping people and I really enjoy it. I would say I’m a lot more stronger mentally. I have a set of code and ethics and I strictly abide by it. I’m still an introvert and I get along with people really well, though I always limit my company to a few people that I really know.

But still, the fear of asking a girl out is still alive. Unchanged. And on top of that if the girl I’m asking out is a good friend, the thought of “would she be the same to me after she says no” pops up in my head. Now I like a girl. We share a lot of common interests and values. I like her, but too I’m afraid to ask her out because of 1. Afraid of losing her friendship. 2. Disappointing her. I don’t know if she likes me or not. I’m in a state of confusion. I have went out with girlsl, but not on a date. Like a friends day out. I don’t know what to do. Any advices.?

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  1. Your story is pretty much the same as mine, introverted lifeless boy turn fitness junkie who loves code and building businesses, except you’re doing much better on all aspects than I am now currently – but still, too each their own pace.

    Like getting up to pitch or talking in front of an audience, that feeling will always be there, the same goes to approaching/dating women – the only way out is to face it head on. Start with other women if you must and slowly learn, either from experience or through a mentor.

    Remember all the things you weren’t before and how much you’ve achieved since you turned over a new leaf. Getting out of the comfort zone, striking it big – I’m sure you’re all too familiar with it. It’s the same as in dating and women. Practice, practice, practice – read a lot on women, relationships and dating, then practice some more. There are no magic code to get over this the easy way.

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