Dating : Getting tired of dating…

Dating : Getting tired of dating…

Hey everyone just a little rant here…

I’m a 27 year old guy, came out of a relationship a few months ago (gf left me for another guy…)

I decided that I was done with the past and started to open up to dating again, casual stuff and just seeing how it goes. With that in mind I installed Tinder and started to try and get to know people (both online or offline).

Tinder has been an absolute shitshow. I’m getting a few matches, can’t complain about that, but people are either not replying, standing me up on dates or just unmatching me after a few decent conversations.

Offline I haven’t had much luck either, I tend to get long with people in general but when it comes to the point I ask someone out they just bail or ignore the invitation…

I’ve been trying to keep positive, doing things with friends or just enjoying being by myself. It’s becoming hard though and my self esteem’s going to shit.

Right now my feelings are bouncing in between feeling horny, feeling the need to discover new people or just feeling shitty and tired of this.

Most of all I am feeling tired of approaching girls and making the first move. It’s not that anyone owes me anything, but the constant rejection is killing my motivation. The worst of all though has been the ghosting and being stood up, that shit isn’t cool and makes me feel that I’m not even worth some basic human decency.

Sorry for the wall of text… Just decided I needed to vent.

What do you think?


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  1. Dating is basically becoming impossible for men unless you’re ridiculously good looking. You are experiencing the new norm. It takes hundreds of hours of effort to set up even one date if you’re lucky. You’re probably doing nothing wrong honestly. It’s just how it is now. Women are all busy lined up for the top guys so they don’t have time for the rest of us.

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