Dating : Girl i am dating wants a couple of days to think, what to do?

Dating : Girl i am dating wants a couple of days to think, what to do?

Okay so here is the deal. I met this girl a couple of months ago, we live 4 hours away from each other, so we haven’t been able see each other so much. She visited me a couple of times throughout weekends, and we have been on a couple of dates and had sex and had a lot of fun together. So last week there was this festival in my city, which she have had planned to visit even before she met me. A couple of weeks before this event (4 day event). She told me she couldnt wait to see me and so on. Then, when we got closer, she suddently told me that she had so many plans that she probrably would’nt have time to see me. And that she had promised her girlfriends not to. Because they were staying at one of her friends place, so it would be weird to leave them. A couple of days before the festival, she became a little distant. Like i was the one initiating contact, while i was used to her being the one doing it(we talked alot every day).

Note: this friend of hers they were staying at is a good friend of hers, yet they have had sex 7 years ago, and she openly told me, and told me not to worry, they was just friends.

The festival came, and we both attended. The first day, we got in touch and we tried to find each other, but gave up due to bad reception and a lot of people. Rather, she gave up because « she had to find her girlfriends », i kept on trying.Next day, i got extremely drunk and lost my friends i was with. I asked her if she was there, and she said yes and invited me to come join her and her friends at a cafe. I found them and we enjoyed each other for a while, kissing etc. she even asked me if we should go to the bathroom to have sex. It didn’t happen, because the bathroom was so crowded. So when we came back to the others, i asked her why she had been so distant lately, and i wanted to know whether or not she wanted to be with me or not. After that, i cant remember what happened, i remember small bits of me yelling at her and saying it was over and so on. The day after i ofc was in regret. She had wrote me a message when i woke up, that she would like a couple of days to think this through. I said i was sorry for last night, and let her have her peace. Later same day, late night she asked me how i was doing. And said i was doing fine. She wrote me back that she was just home, listeting to music while her friends had gone out. I told her i was unfair, and that i dont know what happened to me, because, i have never ever done anything like that before, and that it was not who i am. She said it was okay, and that it had nothing to do with me, just her not wanting to get 100% attached to a relationship, because she still have bad memories of her old one. Then went on and told me that it would’nt change anything, she still needed some time for herself, since she was not able to think clearly with all of her friends around all the time. I said i probrably needed a couple of days to think for myself, as well. To which she replied that was fair, and said « talk to you later ».

It has now been 3 days, and i have not heard anything from her. I am loosing my mind thinking about how i came on her way to strong, and tried to force some feeling out of her. I acted needy and desperate, and i really regret it now. We had something great together, and i decided to fuck it up. How on earth do i handle this? Should i write her asking if she wants to talk and apologies for how i was acting. Or should i let her get back to me, if she ever does?


TL;DR: I pushed way to hard on a girl i am dating, because she became distant for a while. She wanted a couple of days to think, it has now been 3 days, and i havent heard anything. I am loosing my mind, and want to know whether i should contact her and ask if we can talk, and apologies for my behavior. Or if i should wait for her to reach out to me?


sorry for the long read and bad english, its not my mother tounge 🙂

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