Dating : Girl won’t text back.

Dating : Girl won’t text back.

So this girl from work has acted slightly like she likes me. I got her number and we texted for like a day back and forth very normally. She usually took at least 30 min to respond but sometimes like 2 hours but I was fine with it. She indirectly invited me to play frisbee with her and some other people. So I said I would and we just played frisbee yesterday. It was fun. There was nothing unusual about the interactions. So her and her friends said they were going to a fast food place and I had to leave so I told her I would text her and left. I texted her like 30 min later but I knew that she probably wouldn’t respond right away. But it’s been a day now and she still hasn’t texted back. I’m definitely obsessing over it. But I most likely won’t be able to talk to her irl for at least 3 days. I don’t know what to do. I was about to ask her out but now she won’t respond. Any advice? Here’s a timeline
Saturday:got her number
Sunday: texted her all day
Monday:texted something with no response
Wednesday: texted her I was there at the frisbee place with no response and also texted her after it was over with no response.

I know she’s not the type of person to be glued to her phone 24/7 but I’m just confused because irl we seem to get along so well.
TLDR: Girl who doesn’t go on her phone much won’t text me back even after we are good friends irl

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  1. It seems almost like you’re setting yourself up to have your feelings hurt. This girl is not making time for you it seems that you are making everything about her. She doesn’t want to take the time to talk to you then find someone that will. I am sorry that this is painful.

  2. did you play frisbee or ultimate? this is the most pressing question here.


    also, if she liked you, she would respond. you’re honestly probably one of half a dozen to a dozen guys she has chasing her. just focus on your studies and being a good person. a relationship will happen.

  3. Try this. Call her. Ask her out on a real date. Have a time. Have a day. Have a place.

    She says no without mentioning another day…move on.

    She says yes…put the phone away, DON’T text her, and stop worrying.

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