Dating : [Gratitude list from the other side] Thank You to all the girls who do this while dating

Dating : [Gratitude list from the other side] Thank You to all the girls who do this while dating

In response [to this thread](, I thought I’d contribute a bit to this discussion. I’m taking a break from dating right now, but while I was dating seriously for about four months straight on the usual dating apps, I really appreciated it when you girls did these things:

1. A bit opposite to the original OP, but I absolutely love it when a girl is comfortable talking and getting to know me for sometimes 3+ hours at a time, especially on the first date. My most memorable dates were ones that lasted many hours with no pressure to do anything other than talk. A girl who can hold a conversation for more than 2 or 3 hours is instantly a winner in my book, even if it goes nowhere sexually or romantically. I’ve had many dates like these, and I remember a majority of them very fondly.

2. Thank you for calling me pretty or handsome. <3 Guys don’t get this very often in person! It’s nice when it happens, although I’m also totally okay with not hearing it. There’s of course a silver lining and I dislike it when girls go overboard, but something cute and little here or there goes a long way for us dudes. There seems to be this culture of not openly complimenting guys because many end up taking it the wrong way. When I hear a girl compliment me like that, it lets me know they’re comfortable enough around me to trust my intentions and good character.

3. Make the first romantic move during or after our date. I love it when girls (only after a good date) ask to kiss me, brush my arm/hands/legs really lightly, or do anything slightly flirty but not too intense like « let’s go back to my place? ». Something that lets me know I can make the next move without being too pushy. I always feel there’s so much pressure, depending on the girl, for me to make the first move after what I feel is a good date. I find it so attractive when a girl takes that first, confident step after a good date.

4. I spend so much time during dates asking girls about their lives and almost coercing them to talk about themselves/their lives, that sometimes I realize that I’ve basically not been asked anything about myself at all. Ask me a *unique* question here or there so I can talk a little bit about myself, too!

5. Make your intentions clear! Whether you just want to have sex, or want a serious relationship, just let me know. Once the date is over and we’ve split ways, let me know if you’re still interested or not. Something like, « I really enjoyed our night out. Let’s plan for another date next weekend at [insert place] and do [insert activity]? ». Whenever a girl sent that to me, I basically had to stop myself from pulling out the ring then and there. On the flip-side, if you’re not interested, just let me know. Quick, short, and sweet. That’s it. If you’re not comfortable saying it in person, wait until the date is over and send me a text. Just don’t ghost because ghosts are only cool if you’re Casper the Friendly Ghost.

6. Once we’re in bed and having sex, I’m in bed with you because I want to have sex with you. Please don’t act insecure and talk yourself down. If a guy is a douche to you because of how you look naked, think of it as you dodging a bullet really early on in the relationship. Nothing, apart from perhaps defecting during mid-thrust, is more unattractive than a girl who keeps making excuses for her body, or tries to hide her body. Please let me see your entire body naked? If I didn’t want to have sex with you, I would have never gone back to your place.

7. If you’re deathly allergic to cats, please bring it up early. My main picture is with a cat, so clearly I have at least one cat. I’m not really interested in dating someone who can never get to know my little babies, or be around my clothes ever. This isn’t really real advice, but me venting out here because of how many times I’ve had this happen to me on Tinder.

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  1. This is nice. I’m trying to start dating again and these were nice little tips, some I hadn’t even thought about! Thank you!

  2. So many things that should be common courtesy but are actually really rare. Like showing interest in the guy by not talking about herself 100% of the time…making a compliment…reciprocating touch. Just, like, bare minimum of investment. It’s too much to ask for with so many people, so rare that we have an appreciation list for these things.

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