Dating : Guy I am into has gone travelling for 3 weeks… do I date other people?

Dating : Guy I am into has gone travelling for 3 weeks… do I date other people?

I met this guy a couple of weeks ago through Hinge, we went on about 4/5 dates in the time before he spontaneously went away to Vietnam for 3 weeks (he only decided/booked tickets just before as he is on gardening leave). I even canceled two dates that I had planned for whilst he was still in the country, one of them was a gig and I took him instead of the other person. I also told him I was looking for something more than casual dating/a potential relationship, and after this, on his last night before he flew out, he invited me round to his to hang out with his mates and watch sports, which I thought was a good sign. They all knew about me and it seemed as if he’d spoken a lot about me to them.


I’m really into him, and we both said we want to resume things once he’s back. We were laying in bed chatting and the conversation was moving towards him sleeping with other people whilst he’s away. I obviously told him he can do what he likes as we had only known each other for a really short amount of time, and I was planning on doing the same.


I was originally trying out celibacy for a month when I met him (didn’t last long… about a week and two days). Originally I was going to go on other dates whilst he’s away, and also have an invite to spend a night with a couple. Something doesn’t sit right with me about seeing other people, as I thought I’d just want to focus on him. But at the same time, if he is sleeping with others/going on dates, I feel like it would ease my mind if we were both doing as it would distract me. It’s difficult to focus entirely on someone when they’re across the world. I just don’t want to outright ask him ‘have you slept with anyone since you’ve been away?’ – that would be a bit too much in my opinion.

We haven’t chatted too much as access to internet/time on his part is scarce. A bit of sexting, and general chatting/sharing music. Has anyone been in similar situations? How did you go about it?


**TLDR; guy I like has gone to Vietnam for 3 weeks… unsure if he is sleeping with/has slept with people since being out there… do I go on dates/have sex with others in the meantime?**

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  1. He is (rightfully) leaving himself open to travelling experiences. I think you should feel comfortable exploring on your own while he is gone and picking up again when he returns. As a man in a couple that is always looking for unicorns i say go for that opportunity!

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