Dating : Guys, don’t be clingy, don’t be too nice, don’t be desperate, don’t ask can you meet them until talking to them awhile…..

Dating : Guys, don’t be clingy, don’t be too nice, don’t be desperate, don’t ask can you meet them until talking to them awhile…..

don’t give gifts until your in a relationship,, don’t compliment women on their looks until you have gotten to know them.. .any other advice on what not to do for meeting women or for first date or second date?


No comments from guys please unless you can mention a time that you approached a woman in a public place got you sex or a relationship. Giving a gift when meeting women for the first time or 1st date seems desperate. Women have told me they hate complements on their looks when first meeting them. deleted the part about approaching women in public places, it can work, as far as i knew it didn’t

 » Opening with a compliment is okay, but try not to make it about her appearance » –whiteflatblonde

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  1. Remember never talk to women, be nice to them, compliment them or ask them out.

    Might spook them. Let them come to you, like a wild horse.

  2. hahahaha I’m sorry but wtf is the point you’re trying to make. Look I get the whole don’t be clingy aspect but it really does depend on the individuals and why they’re clingy. Are they clingy because they like the person or because they’re insecure? Have you set up healthy boundaries or not?

    You’re saying don’t put in effort unless you’re already in a relationship. Sorry but you’re not going to get into a relationship unless you put in effort and the trust has been built. Hell I’ve started doing online dating and tried to follow your rules and guess what, nothing happens. Now I ask to meet up within a couple messages and I’ve gone out with some great girls until then. Sure I won’t buy them gifts especially anything expensive but something small like candy she mentioned she loves is perfectly acceptable and shows you were thinking about them.

    You may have had a bad experience and generalized it to all women. Or maybe you’re a women who hates it when guys do those things but a lot of other ones don’t mind as long as they’re aware of their surroundings. So guys go approach that girl you think looks cool but if she isn’t giving you the time of day then just leave them alone. Go ask out girls that you’ve built a connection with. Compliment them, have fun with them, and just be yourself. Maybe not compliment them on their ass or tits until later on but makeup, hairstyle, clothes, etc… is great since it’s something that they chose.

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