Dating : Guys that date party girls

Dating : Guys that date party girls

I always thought that guys have two categories: girls that are a good time and girls that are girlfriend material.

What’s up with guys who want to date party girls that go clubbing all the time? I’m in my mid-20s and have a mutual friend who is a party girl the same age and posts crazy stuff on Instagram, goes on wild vacations with her girlfriends, etc and has a boyfriend who has been committed to her for years.

What is the appeal?

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What do you think?

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  1. same with guys as boyfriends of girls on IG with public profiles that are half naked in almost pic using public hashtags to get more random perverted guys to follow her. its extraordinary but I guess the guy thinks he’s dating up. it’s like the reverse of girls dating up.

  2. Some guys enjoy that life style so they’ll date party girls.

    Some people enjoy broadcasting a curated image of themselves on social media, hence the crazy instagram posts. And then, some other people can fall for the curated image portrayed by another and date those people.

  3. Most people who « party » a lot ie. Drugs drinking clubs have serious mental issues. People who are happy and relaxed don’t want to do that shit.

  4. I’m going to assume you mean regular Joes and Janes who chase « party people. »

    Some men and women feel incredibly lucky to snag someone « hot » (what society deems as beautiful). They’ll do anything to remain with this person, especially if they aren’t attractive enough or have the personality to attract « hot » guys and girls regularly or even sometimes. This means accepting being lead on, strung along, and cheated on.

  5. just because she likes to party doesn’t mean she can’t be gf material, you really don’t know what their relationship is like . Being a homebody does not automatically make you gf material. She may be a loving, loyal, kind partner who also enjoys the party life style

  6. different strokes for different folks.

    Contrary to stereotypes about slutty party girls, there are such things as loyal monogamous party girls believe it or not.

  7. You gotta eat. Party girls are expendable and require little effort after use. It’s a quick pick me up when you dont want to commit to anything at the time.
    If it makes you feel better you’re pretty much the same thing to her most of the time.

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