Dating : Has anyone else still not recovered from a dating/love burnout?

Dating : Has anyone else still not recovered from a dating/love burnout?

Long story short I dated two guys last year. One of them was acting extremely nice to me and I advanced too quickly and he went the opposite direction and turned into the biggest asshole I’ve ever dated. The other one prioritized drugs over me.


Needless to say I wasn’t a huge fan of dating after those episodes, mostly because I cared about them a lot in that time span we were together.


However, my parents are apparently getting divorced because my dad cheated on my mom and I don’t know – I just have a hard time seeing the point in getting with people, if you risk getting hurt or dumped/cheated on after X years like my parents. I think I’m being pessimistic about it, but so far, I just don’t seem to be interested in getting out there again.


Anyone else feeling the same?

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What do you think?

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  1. I can certainly relate. I’m feeling the same way, for different circumstances in my case, but the burnt-out/frustrated feeling is the same.

    It’s a strange sort of feeling where part of me doesn’t see a point in trying, but another part just doesn’t want to let me drop it and move on with my life.

  2. My girl flat out ditched me I’m looking for someone who actually gives a f**k about me and the fact I have a f**king brain tumour

  3. I understand. I had a heart attack and my gf went distant instead of having my back. I’m not sure if/when I’ll open up enough to try again.

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