Dating : Have you ever dated a transgender (More info)

Dating : Have you ever dated a transgender (More info)

This weekend I made out with a girl at a club, we were drunk, and she grabbed my dick 3 times. I never contacted her again but a few days later my friend tells me she was a man TWO years ago, she had a sex change, but she still has a dick!! And I still have it in my mind all week and can’t forget about it,… She was literally the hottest girl of her group of friends, the others were fat, and she had big boobs
I saw a photo of her as a dude 2 years ago and I was like nooo (no offence) and I can’t forget about what I did and it’s on my brain
I was writing this post not really for advice, more to hear your stories and all that

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  1. FYI if she’s a transgender woman, she is not a “dude with boobs”. It’s fine to have preferences and all when you’re dating, just be careful not to misgender anyone.

    I get that the term “dude with boobs” can be used to describe like a tomboyish woman, but in this instance seems to be based on using someone’s dead (past/incorrect) gender.

  2. I don’t think you should be ashamed. I mean if you reached down there and felt a penis would you care? You said she was very hot.

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