Dating : Have you ever dated someone who rejected you but later on in life asked you out?

Dating : Have you ever dated someone who rejected you but later on in life asked you out?

Has anyone ever had this happen to them before?

Let me know! 馃榾

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  1. I started dating this person recently who I approached on a dating app. After about a month of dating he said he asked me out three years ago and I said no. I didn鈥檛 even remember.

  2. Oh, I’ve got one for you. About a girl I tried to date multiple times just after high school, we’ll call her Robin, who always rejected me and went for my friends instead.

    Couple years go by, I’m living in another city, just got my full driver’s license, and am renting a car to come back to my hometown the following weekend. Robin has just broken up with her most recent boyfriend and asks to go out for lunch when I’m back in town.
    I agree. Then, the weekend before I leave, I meet a beautiful girl in my new city, we’ll call her Laura. Technically I’d known Laura for a while, but she came to a party at my place, we clicked, danced like a pair of idiots and hooked up. And I was head over heels for her in a heartbeat.

    We started dating pretty much right away, and since her hometown was on the way to mine, I gave her a ride there for her to visit her parents. I got back to my hometown, met up with Robin, and told her about my new relationship. She… took it badly, running out of the restaurant. I went outside and talked to her and she acknowledged that, this was basically what had happened to me so many other times and we parted ways.

    Later that night, she called me, drunk in a park and asked me to come pick her up. Out of chivalry I did, and as I drove her home she literally begged me to just have sex with her. For visuals, Robin is at least a 9/10 petite red head with a beautiful face, I had wanted to sleep with her for, probably five years.

    And I turned her down, repeatedly.

    When I pulled up in front of her apartment to drop her off, she turned, punched me in the side of the jaw breaking one of my molars (for some reason I opened the car door to spit the bits of tooth out, probably because it was a rental) and then started kicking me from the passenger seat till I pushed her out of the car.

    Sadly, Laura lost interest after about two months and started cheating on me with a married dude. Soooo… yeah. I don’t know if there’s a moral to be found in this story of how I lost my molar; but I figured I’d share it!

  3. This is the majority of the girls I date. We end up breaking up because they’re not feeling it or for another guy and most of them try to date me again afterwards.

  4. I actually dated/got engaged to (for fourteen years, we split up last June) a woman who in our freshman year of high school responded to my asking her out with 鈥渆eewww鈥. I didn鈥檛 see her for the next three years as she went to another school. Then in our freshman year of college we ran into each other at a bookstore, she wound up asking me out. We had good times and bad times. The high school silliness didn鈥檛 matter so much in the end, and in the same way we grew to love each other we later grew apart.

    You never know sometimes!

  5. I had a girl turn me down for someone else and then I got really fit and she came back to me later. We dated for like 9 months before I realized I was only dating her because she showed interest in me and then I called it off. I went on a spree of casual relationships for a few years because I could finally get attractive girls and now I鈥檓 happily single waiting for a girl I think is hot and actually like.

  6. Yes this has happened. Went on a couple dates with a girl and when I asked about the third date she said she’d rather be friends. I told her it was fine and that I’d see her around, as I was more interested in her romantically than platonically. A few months later we kept seeing each other out and about and eventually we just started dating because we couldn’t deny there was something there.

    I think this happens when someone doesn’t know you very well and they need more time to get to know you. I wouldn’t recommend taking them back when ever this happens but if there’s something there I figure why not see where it goes.

    Ultimately I ended things with her bc we were just on different wavelengths, but we’re still friendly and check in on each other every now and then.

  7. Yep. Tripped acid with a girl and had a beautiful evening. Thought I fell in love. We made out and cuddled and talked all night and watched the sunrise. It was the best day of my life.

    Couple days later she decided to let me off easy. It sucked. The more I learned about her the more I liked her. She said she felt the same, but nonetheless she wasn鈥檛 over her ex yet.

    Few weeks later she asks me out. Finally over her ex I guess. We have a fantastic night together. She mentions how amazing it was鈥sks me out again a couple nights later. So we鈥檙e dating now, right? Wrong

    We end up running into some of her friends and she acts distant from me the whole night, while her friend flirts with me鈥ouple days later she lets me off again. It totally fucked me up. I have never been that heart broken. It still messes with my relationships to this day.

    I鈥檝e also had a girl break up with me, then years later ask me out to try to give things another shot. I was stupid enough to try – guess how that turned out?

  8. Nah bruh it鈥檚 like that one Mike Jones song that goes 鈥渂ack then they didn鈥檛 want me, now I鈥檓 hot they all on me鈥. The glow up is real.

  9. Only 90% of the guys that have ever rejected me.

    Most people don鈥檛 know a good thing till it鈥檚 gone. I usually end up rejecting them in turn, not out of spite or anything but I guess that I was just interested in that person at a specific point in my life.

  10. I will never, ever, do this. Even if it makes me miserable and bitter and alone and connectionless my entire life. No one gets to treat me like shit and then receive my love. Ever.

  11. Yeah, this has happened to me a lot. Get rejected by the girl for being a nice guy, the girl dates a bunch of assholes til it makes her miss the nice guy, then she wants to come back. No thanks.

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