Dating : Hello, I would like advice on how to tell my crush how i feel?

Dating : Hello, I would like advice on how to tell my crush how i feel?

So i met her at the restaurant we both worked at during the summer. She is very nice and has amazing personality. I relized i have a crush on her and became friends with her. I feel like we have a connection and she might also be feeling a similar way. But the problem is she has boyfriend who a mutual friend told me that she is bored with. Also turns out we both go to the same university so i will see her again soon [but she lives on campus and i commute via train]
Since classes start soon she is leaving for campus tomorrow and we decided to hangout just two of us today. We got food some pizza and talked about how much we both don’t want to go back to school.
So my quesation is how do I proceed here? I am very new to these situations, and i am not sure if i should just tell her how i feel or not. But if i tell her then that puts her in a difficult position and things might get complicated which i dont want because i think she is really cool and if i cant be in relationship with her then atleast i want to still be her friend.
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  1. Do not engage. I’ve seen this shit before. Even if she finds her boyfriend boring, she will cling to his ass because he is the safe and controllable option rather than taking a risk with you. You’re gonna end up on the negative end of it if you attempt a relationship I can guarantee it.

  2. Don’t hesitate. I am a master of regret. I know all about it. It took me too long to learn. This is how it happens. Say it without putting her in a box. Don’t pin her down into some definitive answer. Be playful. Flirty. Tell her it’s a shame she is tied up with someone else, that you would love to take her on a real date. Don’t balk or hesitate or be nervous. Get out of your head and say it. This isn’t just a chance it’s a chance to be someone confident. Most of it is feigned anyways. If she is taken back or seems perturbed, casually tell her it’s cool you get it. You like her company regardless of the terms and conditions involved. But let her know you would enjoy more of it. Don’t make this some huge thing. That’s how you lose these battles. This one is beneath you. They are just words, she’s just a person, and you deserve nothing less than more of her time. Confidence is like crack to women. They always come back to it.

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