Dating : How do I get him to ask me on a date?

Dating : How do I get him to ask me on a date?

A month ago, I hooked up with this guy. He just slept over and we only made out. This happened again a couple weeks later (this time at his place). He seems to flirt with me and be sweet but he never asks for my number or asks me out. We do have a similar friend group (he is good friends with my sister’s boyfriend).

He’s very loud personality type so I don’t think he’s shy. Maybe he’s just not that into me? Did I blow it? Is there a way to get him to ask me out?

He was telling me he wanted a relationship and to find a special connection when we were drunk and yet he never asks for my number despite telling me how attracted to me he is. He still likes all my social posts. We are both 27.

He’s had tons of chances to ask for my number casually. He could even message me on Instagram. It’s also worth noting he oscillates between sarcastic and sweet so I don’t know if it is a defence mechanism or if he’s trying to be nice without leading me on.

He also brought up going for breakfast when I slept over last but then ended up just going to hang out with the boys and didn’t bring it up again.

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  1. LOL … FFS .. Every single one of us males face rejection all the time and most of us have learned keep smiling and telling the woman that’s fair enough, no problem and continue as usual.


    Hard to take these *** »How do I manipulate man into asking me out, so I never have to face rejection »*** threads seriously? 😀

  2. Why don’t you ask him out? And it’s one thing having a loud personality but another to strike up the courage to ask someone out.

  3. « He was telling me he wanted a relationship and to find a special connection » doesn’t mean it is with you. Sure, he’s looking. Sure, he wants a relationship. Not sure, that it is with you.

    He seems to have enjoyed the other activities with you but not necessarily want to get your hopes up by doing more with you.

  4. Yeah that’s what I’m saying. I don’t mind rejection if the signs make it worthy to put myself out there but I’m wondering if these signs are a clear indicator he’s not into me beyond superficial attraction.

  5. Because I’m sacred of rejection especially since I will likely see him around. I’m worried it will make things awkward and then I have to see him. I know, stupid. It’s just that I can’t help but think if he liked me he would make the effort and be concerned about when he would see me next. Isn’t that how guys are? Especially bro-ish, loud, life of the party types like him.

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