Dating : How do I let a women know I have two misdemeanors and a speeding ticket?

Dating : How do I let a women know I have two misdemeanors and a speeding ticket?

I recently got busted in the state of idaho with the possession of marijuana (1) and a pipe meaning intent to use(2). Then a week later I obtained a speeding ticket in the state of Washington. I’ve NEVER been in a relationship and as a 21 year old male in college. I think it’s time I should try but I feel these charges are going to hold me back in this life.

What do you think?


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  1. The speeding ticket isn’t even worth mention. Nobody will care.


    Find yourself a girl who’s 420 friendly. Shouldn’t be hard – many are. THen you can tell her about the time you got hit for possession and you’ll both laugh about it.

  2. Just tell her. None of that is super serious, you weren’t hurting anyone. Being sketchy about it is much worse than the deed itself. And if she freaks out, you probably dodged a bullet.

  3. Most people would view these charges as having been a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time honestly, since 2/3 of the country wants marijuana to be legalized. Like most people, I don’t see anything wrong with marijuana at all and think it has been unfairly demonized. It’s an entirely victimless crime that most people feel shouldn’t be a crime. It’s not like you were doing something that people would see as making you less trustworthy. And the speeding ticket is not really anything of note.

  4. I mean if it gets brought up i usually tell about my two arrest and my house being raided and court ordered rehab. Because its funny as fuck and three great stories

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