Dating : How do you interpret this

Dating : How do you interpret this

i’ve started seeing this guy (we have friends in common) like two months ago. We made out and stuff one day when we were drunk and then after that happened he was always willing to initiate dates.He also kind of hinted we should go to an event that will take place in 2 months. 3 times he asked me out, on the 3rd one I didnt wanna sleep with him and from my point if view that might have changed things. I texted him a few days after if he wanted to out out sometime that week and he said yes that we could to out to drinks. Then 2 days later he wanted to meet up with a friend we have in common and asked that friend to come with me( he could also have texted me,weird) but yeah at the end if the night he invited to me his he said he was lonely but I didn’t go for some other reason even if I wanted to. This was a week ago, he hasnt texted me so I texted him 2 days ago just to chat a bit but know the conversation died. I dont know if he lost interest bc I didnt sleep with him or for other reasons or he is just tired asking me out. We never texted much in between dates, only to set up dates.

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  1. Even if u did sleep with him, if thats what he wanted he would’ve lost interest soon after that.

    Sleeping with him or not. if he really likes you he would still be interested.

    It sounds like he wasnt THAT into you in the first place.

  2. Have you judged the vibe of the last few texts you guys had? Was he attempting to keep the convo going? How did he react to you not wanting to go over to his? From what you’ve said it sounds like the spark is dying out. If you like him try to initiate the convo a couple more times and if he is very obviously disinterested, drop him!! and onto the next! :))

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