Dating : How is it to date someone who is very desired by your sex ?

Dating : How is it to date someone who is very desired by your sex ?

I’m posting this here as I’m curious how it is to date a woman/man who is very desired by the opposite sex. What I mean by desired is mostly their looks, how hot they look, their popularity or high maintenance and so on. I have only heared bad stories about it but how is it in reality ?

Don’t be shy to share your stories !

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  1. If you are a man and you have a hot wife, everyone will hate you and think you are a jerk.

    If you are a man and you have a homely wife, everyone will think you’re nice.

    For more on this phenomenon, see the _Curb Your Enthusiasm_ episode entitled « Car Periscope. »

  2. I’ve dated several people desired by the other sex.

    How do I know this? One was a professional male model in NYC others were just as stunning. I would say I’ve dated 4 gorgeous men in my life.

    It’s hard. They know they’re hot and you can feel it. Now the men I dated were kind people and they were not narcissists in any way, just cocky and “confident”. Women would always be looking at them and they had many many “girl friends”. Whether it be real girl friends, girls in their social circle trying to make small talk with them, etc. Their phones always had girls texting them which sucked but while I was dating them I personally knew most of the women “she was my sister’s big” etc etc.

    On the other hand there was insane physical chemistry obviously. It’s nice knowing that they wanted to be with me and talk to me. We cultivated authentic genuine relationships and one of them I fell in love with.

    The man I’m dating now is above average and hot in my eyes, but he’s not “stunning”. However he’s absolutely perfect to and for me. With the other men I would wonder if they were cheating on me. When in a restaurant or public place there would be flirty moments with the waitresses and cashiers. It was just their natural personality.

    All in all. It was okay but there were moments where I felt the attention was a little much.

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