Dating : How many dates with different people would you go on?

Dating : How many dates with different people would you go on?

New to dating and I’ve been on three dates with three different guys and so far, only one is looking like a contender. I don’t want to “spread myself thin” but at the same time I know you’re not supposed to put all your eggs in one basket. I haven’t slept let alone kissed with any of them but it still feels like I’m doing too much!

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  1. Focus on the one you have the deepest connection with. That person stood out for some particular reason, go with your instinct. If things fall through then so be it, you can always meet new people.

  2. Go at whatever pace feels comfortable to you. Learn who you are first. Once you know that you’ll know what kind of guy you really want

  3. I try to keep as many girls spinning as I can, gives me more options for weekends etc.

    Currently, I have 3 girls I’m interested in. I’m still swiping, and I’m still going out on weekends because they’re not available etc, and if I picked up another 2 I’d be fine with that.

    It’s all about the numbers, the hard part is when you start confusing their back stories, I’ve actually slipped up a few times and had to play it off, but like anything, you get better with practice.

  4. I would not date multiple people at once if I had the opportunity as it just seems unfocused and chaotic with too much time commitment. In an ideal world, I would just date one girl at a time and if it doesn’t work out I would switch to the next one the week after.

    In reality I get a date maybe every few months at most because dating is brutal for men.

  5. My mantra is You Do You. If one of these three guys asks you for another date, it’s totally up to you to say Yes or No. And since you’re not exclusive with anyone and on an app I would continue any conversations that still interest you.

    I also always try to give the guy until the third date until I make a decision about if I want to continue.

    I’ve done the put your eggs into one basket though usually that happens because 1) we’ve been on five or more dates, 2) any of my app conversations have died for whatever reason, 3) I don’t want to worry about leading a new guy on if I’m starting to get more serious with another.

    Like the other comment said, now is the time to figure out if you want to continue seeing all three, just two or just one. Good luck!

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