Dating : How should I interpret her response?

Dating : How should I interpret her response?

I’m interested in a girl, but we’ve only gone on one date so far. We’ve continued chatting after the first date and things are going well.

Her birthday is coming up, and as a gift idea I thought I would get a film that she wants to watch, a small and cheap gift nothing too crazy. I asked her quite blatantly whether she owned the film already and what she would think if it was gifted to her.

Her reply was along the lines of « that’d be super sweet but Im happy without any presents <3 »

Does this mean I should give her the gift or not? Am I just overanalysing? Her response was quite paradoxical when I read it.

Any advice would be appreciated

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  1. Personally I think she’s saying just what it sounds like, that she appreciates the thought, bc it’s very sweet of you, but that she doesn’t need any presents. So it’s up to you if you wanna give her one. It wouldn’t hurt anything!

  2. Honestly, it can be weird to give a gift when you have not known someone that long. That said you could still have the movie experience by planning to take her out and then watching the movie. Unless she is not doing anything for her birthday night just play it cool and ask her « Hey would you be free the Saturday after your birthday to do something? » You could even bring her a cupcake and say « had to get this so its somewhat a birthday celebration. » Something like that where you are acknowledging her birthday but not making it a huge deal. Let her celebrate with her friends and family for her birthday if she has plans to do so, as you are not yet a part of her life.

  3. Hold off on gifts, it’s been one date. If a man gave me a gift Ike. Nice one that early and I wasn’t sure about us, I’d feel pressure to move faster and I would just dip

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