Dating : How to approach her now?

Dating : How to approach her now?

{11 grade school dunno = high school probably /17 years old will be 18 in November /}
So yesterday we had PE and in the yard there was huge puddle where some girls were throwing pebbles. I was walking around with one of my friends and decided to throw a pebble, but accidentally hitted one of the girls somewhere between her leg and butt, not sure where I hit her, but it wasn’t with force. Ofc I apologized and in the process got her name. {she is year or two lower grade in the same school}. She was cute so I found her on FB and sent her friend request. Today she still haven’t approved the friend request, but i wrote to her saying that she seems interesting person and I would like to hang out with her on the weekend. My concern is that, because she haven’t accepted the friends request she won’t see my message. I don’t want to miss this change, just because she didn’t see my message. I want to approach her face to face to basically say the same as the message that I send her, but in the case that she has seen my message, how do I avoid the awkwardness of repeating what I have texted her?

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