Dating : I (18m) am going on a date with a girl (21f) who may have a kid, how do I indirectly ask her if she has one?

Dating : I (18m) am going on a date with a girl (21f) who may have a kid, how do I indirectly ask her if she has one?

I matched with this girl on tinder and we hit it off with a potential date planned, but I checked out her fb a little and her profile pic is her with a child, in the past she’s shared some baby/pregnancy memes and I don’t wanna seem like a creep because she’d know I was sorta creepin if I straight up asked her if she had a kid. How do I ask indirectly and not offend her?

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  1. I would avoid single moms at your age. They can never do anything and do you really wanna play step dad? Best case, get the pussy and dont get attached

  2. just ask her. i do all the time but typically when they have a kid they state it in their profile or they tell you within the first few messages

  3. Don’t hide it. Just say, « I saw some of your FB pictures. Is that cute baby related to you? »

    She will either say no, it’s xyz’s baby or yes. If she says yes and doesn’t explain how the baby is related to her, press again. If she is evasive, or a mom, politely explain you are too young and not interested in playing the step dad role

  4. You’re a young guy so I’ll fill you in. Tinder is bottom barrel as far as the quality of women is concerned and filled with these young single mothers who slut around and had an accidental kid. To say the least, these women have issues and baggage. Drop her immediately!

  5. Is funny that most of teenage girls get pregnant. Is not as if they don’t know that they should use protection. They decide not to use it, just to do oral better or something. Just plain stupidity.

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