Dating : I [20M] had a date to the movies, which she [20F] canceled, but she told me she’d rather we hang out at her place.

Dating : I [20M] had a date to the movies, which she [20F] canceled, but she told me she’d rather we hang out at her place.

So, yeah. We were supposed to have a date today, which she canceled yesterday. She told me she had an important event pop up, that she was incredibly sorry and she’d make it up to me, that I was great and that she isn’t in a good place in life right now.

I told her that it was alright, and later I said that I was sorry if I was too forward, and that we can go at her pace.

She told me that I don’t have to worry, it’s just her, and that she would much rather do something at home.

Honestly, I’m really hurt by her canceling the date instead of delaying it, and now I’m at a loss. In a week I’ll ask her if she wants to binge a show, but I’m not sure if this is the right move? We’ve talked a fair bit before the date was supposed to happen (2+ weeks) and I’m pretty sure she’s being honest with me.

She’s incredibly shy and anxious, so I doubt she’ll make the first move. Should I go on with telling her we should binge a show together?


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  1. She canceled the date but offered a better option.

    Find a show you guys both like and go to town.

    Btw, I’m single too right now. Any suggestions for me?

  2. If she’s shy and anxious, and isn’t in a good place in life, it’s probably too much for her to go out, at least for now. She still seems interested though, but the type of date could be the cause of anxiety for her and being at home would probably put her more at ease. I would definitely suggest bingeing a show. I wouldn’t worry too much, I would just be mindful of her issues and I think once you got comfortable with each other, a date like the one you originally planned would eventually become more comfortable for her

  3. I think the best course of action is to give it a break. She canceled on you and she said she isn’t in a good place in her life right now.

    It will be really hard to start a healthy relationship if she’s dealing with her own issues. Hanging around someone like that will put stress on you. It’s worrisome that before things started, there’s already been a problem.

    It’s your call, but there are defintely some signs that indicate things won’t work out. Be careful my guy.

  4. hmmmm…. I’m not sure about this, this might be a stretch but do you think money can be an issue? May be she is this type of person who is very independent and would want to go dutch or something. or maybe be she just real does not want other people around. Maybe she just really want to have a very chill type of date.

  5. This girl either wants you to come over and fuck her brains out, or she is a nun, so you need to ask her when you’re coming over, and let her pick the day, then show up with condoms and be ready. If you physically escalate and she’s not shying away or acting weird / nervous then just go for it and I think you’ve got yourself a fling.

    If she breaks out the tea and board games, just tell her you’re having stomach cramps and think you’re about to have really bad diarrhea that you need to head home, you’ll reach out to her some other time.

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