Dating : I asked out my boss

Dating : I asked out my boss

He said yes. The first couple days he was texting me, then nothing for a few days. I asked if he wanted to for a drink this weekend he said yes, then i get a call at work asking me if I can stay late cuz he is going to work Saturday instead of today, essentially blowing off our date. I texted him and said I don’t think we should go out. He said did i do something, I said (essentially) well yea you blew me off. He texted me the next morning saying that wasn’t his intention and I said well I’m sorry you don’t seem very interested and I’m trying to avoid rejection here..

I’m just really upset I like him but I just feel so much extra pressure because if we go out and he isn’t into it i have to face that every day and I already feel like he isn’t that into it but I am 😭

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  1. Ooof, your boss? As in the person you report to at work?

    Work and romance should probably remain separate BUT if you both have real chemistry, who’s to say otherwise

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