Dating : i can’t even get a first date! why do guys ghost me after they express interest in me?

Dating : i can’t even get a first date! why do guys ghost me after they express interest in me?

I feel like this is my fault or something… I’ve met/talked to several guys now, all who have expressed some level of interest in me, but none will commit to going out on a first date. They just end up ghosting me eventually after they expressed interest / got to know me via text. I’ve realized I’m pretty incompetent when it comes to dating/flirting, since, until a few months ago I had been in a relationship since end of high school (when I was 18), I’m 23 F now.


**How do I get guys to stop ghosting me and just get to know me?** Literally all I’d like is ONE first date…


More details: these are guys I’ve met on dating apps, met in real life, met through friends. Somehow I keep messing up and saying the wrong things, and being oblivious to flirting — and then realizing hours later. A guy did ask me out on a date but I said ‘maybe’ (I was a little tipsy and it was not even a day after we met) so i realized my mistake and messaged him later telling him I was free this Wednesday and we should go out for drinks — NO RESPONSE!


Thanks in advance for your advice!

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  1. Decide if you really want to date or not… When a guy asks you out, say yes, give him your number… Go on a date, see what you think…

    Hit the gym, get your diet right, it’s summer, make sure you’re beach ready.

  2. I swear I have an unending losing streak of trying to get guys to meet for coffee. I can get a bro to travel from two hours out of town just to meet me, but locals will NOT commit to coffee. I feel like they’re too lazy to get out of the house for something that doesn’t guarantee sex that very day. There are two local coffee shops I’ve been wanting to check out so I try to get any local to meet me there and they say yes absolutely, we don’t set a time, when I press them to set a time they stop replying, and that’s the end of it. I don’t know what to do. I have never been on a date with someone from my town. It’s stupid because I’d totally have nsa sex with them if they acted like decent human beings for a couple of days and actually showed up to a date. I wonder if I’m scaring them off by showing interest and asking them out quickly and they’re just unused to saying no so they enthusiastically agree then flake later.

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