Dating : I can’t stop thinking about my ex

Dating : I can’t stop thinking about my ex

I broke up with my ex almost a year ago. We dated for 2 years and it was a pretty immature, negative relationship. It was a bad breakup and my friends chose him over me- as in they asked me to move out of our apartment so he could move in. I was miserable for months, I couldn’t fathom how they could betray me like that. I finally started to feel better when I met my current bf and we’ve been dating for four months. He’s a very sweet guy and makes me very happy. However, I can’t seem to stop thinking about and dreaming of my ex (missing him). I worry I loved my ex more than I love my boyfriend even though I know my ex isn’t good for me. Does anybody else experience this?? And do you know what this might mean about my current relationship?

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  1. Fear of missing out & sunken cost fallacy. You miss him because he was very familiar to you and you spent two years investing in him. A person does not simply erase those feelings from existence.

    But you said yourself the relationship was immature and negative. And your friends chose him.. it sounds like you’re better off without those people in your life. If you got another chance, what has changed? If nothing substantial has changed, your dynamic with your ex would just repeat itself. Especially if your “friends” are still in the picture.

    Consider that the grass is not greener on the other side, but instead where you water it.

  2. I hate women like you. i.have to write it on my tinder bio « no still missing exbf or i’ll unmatch you.’ honestly, if you not over him, just go for hook up, don’t try to have a new relationship with someone else, you’re being dishonest and wasting their time.

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