Dating : I deleted all my dating apps and accounts

Dating : I deleted all my dating apps and accounts

I feel so much better for it.

Some of the interactions I had were quite alarming/disturbing or just plain awkward.
Some were a bit better, but I just didn’t feel anything.

I went out on dates with one match but ended up being ghosted, which honestly has really made me question whether I’m a good partner for anybody.

I find it so easy to give good advice to other people, but it’s so difficult to apply the same logic to my own situation. I understand that people’s actions speak volumes about who they are as a person, but how do you stop from doubting your own self worth?

I really liked the guy I went on dates with. I thought we had great chemistry and his behaviour indicated that he felt the same. I wish he could have been honest instead of ghosting me. The silence is eating away at me.

Any advice on how to move on and focus on número uno?

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  1. Did you only go out with one person? Speaking from experience, if you’re looking to find an actual match you’ll have to go through at least a handful of dates first

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