Dating : I don’t trust my girlfriend but don’t want to break up.

Dating : I don’t trust my girlfriend but don’t want to break up.

I don’t trust her sometimes. She has given me reasons not to in the past. I just can’t get over the fear that she may he cheating when we are apart.

Lately she has lost a good ammount of weight and her confidence has gone up more than ever. I feel less paid attention to by her. What can i do to get over this?

What do you think?


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  1. If you’re not willing to break up with her then you’re going to stay in this perpetual stressed out state

    Breaking it off will be better for you in the long run

  2. She broke your trust, your actions told her it was Ok, and that there would be no consequence for it. Exactly why do you think she won’t do it again?

    How do you get over it? Get under someone else. Quit wasting your time with this woman, and find someone new. The only thing holding you back, is your insecurity and fear of being alone.

  3. why are you asking when it is rather fucking obvious you are not going to listen, regardless of the answer? everyone and their mother knows that. you are one of « them ».

    break it off or she will. your current mindset will eventually rot your opinion of her, up to a point where nothing she does is right. whats next, a fist to the face? stalking?

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