Dating : I (F23) need help on how to approach this guy

Dating : I (F23) need help on how to approach this guy

This is a throw away account just because I didn’t want to put this on my daily account

There’s this guy who works behind the bar of this family owned restaurant that usually just serves families, couples, and middle-aged singles. So yes, he is a bartender, but it’s not like he is working at a bar where people go to get drunk. It’s families trying to enjoy a meal! Maybe that makes it even weirder… please call me out of it does! I’m not saying you don’t get a lot of single women in there, but not like you do at a bar. I’m 23, I should add, and the bartender I’m talking about is around my age. I always catch him looking at me continuously from behind the bar when I go in to get take out. He kind of fumbles over his words when we interact. He’s so cute, but I don’t know if it’s appropriate to 1)leave my number 2) ask if he’s single or 3) ask him out. Am I wasting my breath even contemplating it? Would I get him in trouble if I did any of the above (not that you all would really even know this, but someone could know from experience)? I don’t want to make him uncomfortable, and I don’t want to get him in trouble, so if the majority of you say “eh maybe not,” then I won’t! But I’m afraid to shoot my shot and make him feel weird. And I know that there is a stigma to hitting on people just doing their job, but I don’t know where he hangs out outside of work other wise I would make a move there, and I may never run into him at any other place.

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  1. Go sit at the bar when he is working. Order a drink. Chat with him if he’s not busy. When you finish your drink and pay, write your number down on the receipt or a napkin and say « If you want to hang out some time, text me. » Smile and walk away.

  2. pay attention I’m only gonna type this once. If you’re interested, ask. too many people lose their chance for fear of rejection. Go to that bar, get a drink, get a convo going with him. Tell him what you feel and that you saw him glassing you and how flattering that is. What do you have to lose? half an hour out of your lonely life? Seeing if he likes you back? Those vs. what you have to gain; the potential and opportunity for a happy relationship and free drinks. Confidence is key, you take your shot. Good luck!

    Also, asking advice from reddit is like seeing the soothsayer when you really need a c.a.t. scan.

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