Dating : I Finally did it

Dating : I Finally did it

So I finally told the girl I’m interested in that I’m attracted to her. I’m not going to lie I was trembling I have never done this before. I know I screwed up and looked weak in front of her. I accidentally asked her if she was single.

She was normal and told me that she is single but is a workaholic and just started her new job. She usually spend her free time with her son and I told her I understand. She did say I’m not looking for anything romantic at the moment but i am willing to talk and hang out when I can. She then told me I could give you my number and well I handed her my phone and yeah.

I’m really happy this is the first time I get a girls number. I just wanted to share my story with you guys

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  1. So, steer clear of the single moms for anything but fun imo.

    She wants to feel you out, make sure you’re not a weirdo, be friends, give it a couple months, if she doesn’t give in, then move on.

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