Dating : I just dont get it…

Dating : I just dont get it…

Ive been trying so hard to meet women for the last two years. And i have literally and I mean LITERALLY nothing to show for it.

A couple days ago, I got my first number! I used strictly confidence and flirted to get it at the mall. And I was super excited about it!

Well 3 days later I texted her and after only two brief messages she ghosted me… I literally said « Hi im ______  » and then asked if she was free for a call.

This was a major step for me because after two dedicated years, this was the first number I got without being in the club or half drunk.

I guess it just feels shitty to try so hard to get something for years and literally every time coming up short. Maybe I just suck with women, who knows.

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  1. Yeah man thats life for men in 2019. You can go months to years between dates. Girls give out their numbers IRL pretty easy because they know they can just ignore you later.

    Even the busiest PUAs have at most a 1% sex rate from cold approach. You lose a certain amount at every step. Some won’t talk to you at all. Some won’t give you the #. Some won’t reply. Some will arrange a date but flake. Etc.

    Usually there’s nothing you can do about it if you’re already dressing and styling yourself well. The rest is your genetics.

    Women these days seem to me like highly tuned eugenics machines and they’re mostly tuned to the same frequency. If you match that you’ll be rolling in dates. If you don’t you’ll struggle.

  2. Bad opener. Think about it for a second in her shoes. She just gave a random stranger her number and after 3 days out of the blue, all she got was a name and to be asked to pick up the phone for a call. It would work if you texted her on the same day where her image of you is still strong in her mind, but not after 3 days.

    What you should’ve done would be to exchange a few lines first, « Hi’I’m ____, remember me? The handsome fella you at the mall the other day? » or « Hello, is this the number for the pretty lady I met at the mall? » – for example. It doesn’t come off as creepy and you’re already showing intent + confidence. You don’t need to ask permission to call her – you just do – isn’t that what the confident man you portrayed yourself would do? Practicing pick up is great but you got to make sure that your text game is on point too.

    Also, I’m a fan of the « wait to text » rule. So no, you’re not wrong on that, but you can’t get away with only following the rulebook. All I can say is practice, practice, practice, at least once a week, cold approach + sober – then you’ll start to see what works and what doesn’t. Good luck!

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