Dating : I just want someone to hold me and call me pretty.

Dating : I just want someone to hold me and call me pretty.

I honestly just don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve tried dating apps, I’ve tried reddit and I’ve even tried changing up my look (buying skirts, wearing makeup) and no one seems interested, the only complements I get are from older women who call me cute. I’m so sick and tired of it honestly, it’s so damn mentally exhausting… I feel like such an ugly looser compared to my friends who just have better luck. I just want a guy to complement me for once in my life, I want to feel attractive and pretty like everyone else around me. I just don’t know what else to do, am I really that unattractive that men just don’t have an interest at all?

Edit: please stop telling me that most men feel this way. I get it, I just wanted a place to vent. And please stop sending me death threats and calling me names. I’m so sick of it everytime i post on this sub.
How is it my fault that most men don’t get complements?! What do you people want me to fucking do about it! If you want me to cry then so be it, some of you guys are so fucking cruel. I’m not afraid to off myself, I just wanted a chance at finding love first before I do so please piss off and leave me alone.

What do you think?


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