Dating : I need help… i fell in love

Dating : I need help… i fell in love

I really need help. For the past month i’ve been thinking about 1 girl… i fell in love. Its not the same as before, before i would just think someone is hot and thats it. In this case, i feel very different. My feelings towards her are really strong. I love her smiles and eyes. I love when she laughs and talks. I cant stop looking at her. If i talked to her at least once throughout the day, I feel like that day was successful, if not i feel failure and sadness. If she TALKS to other guys i feel jealous. Because of her i quit video games and started working out daily non-stop. I started watching Alpha M and Teachmensfasion and am learning how to look perfect in front of her.
The thing is, we’re still in High School, thinking about her really distracts me from work. My marks started dropping. I’ve got my courses selected for next year and we have none together, i feel really sad that i wont see her in classes. People always say:  » oh well if she doesn’t like you back, then forget about her ». Its not as easy as it sounds. And idk if she likes me or not. Also thats why flirting and slowly becoming friends is a thing. I feel like my life is useless without her. I really want to stop liking her and forget her. But at the same time i want to earn her love and be with her. I now love going to school, just because I get to see her there.
Pls help me

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  1. A lot of people been in the same situation as you. I don’t think it’s “love” since it’s only been a month since you started seeing her. It’s clearly infatuation. Your hormones are way up your head. An evolutionary trait of a human being. A need to mate. That said, do you both talk a lot? Do you think that she has any interest in you? I have been in the same situation but for time period a little longer than yours-1.5 yrs. and it was pretty degrading.

    I’d say, try to get to know her a lot more. You might find surprising results.

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