Dating : I rejected a guy and I feel guilty

Dating : I rejected a guy and I feel guilty

Hello! I come this time because I feel really bad after I finally rejected a guy that was hanging on me and now I feel bad.
The story starts because I started to have I kind of like obsession with dating apps and until now nothing good has come out.
I’ll be honest, I wanted to use it so at least I had some chance to meet a boy because that’s not something I do on regular basis.
I don’t have good social skills, and I don’t go out that much so I wanted to meet people but I do admit I went on the apps without knowing myself.
I’m 24 and I have only had relationships with people online, never a real life relationship so I was wondering what was happening to me.
I didn’t wanted sex or the promise of a relationship, I just wanted to meet people and see what happens.
During those months I tried dates, kissing or so but never felt attracted to anyone.
I try to give all the nice guys that came at me an opportunity.
Then after a kinda traumatic experience where a guy was asking for touch and sex in a date (he wasn’t bad and understood the no but I was terrified) and other failed experience I realized I don’t want sex the way other people want it.
In the process I met a guy that was super nice and accepted my health condition and even investigated about it but I just saw him as a nice guy and even when I tried to tell him to just remain as friends he kept pressing so I ended up exploding with him, because I didn’t like his jokes, his flirting and I got mad for the way he acted towards the thing I like “he told me I was like a 12 year old with no taste” at the end I just told him to go away. Later we made peace but by that moment I was already almost convinced I’m not a sexual person so I talked to him about it and how he helped me in the journey and he just told “thanks for telling being with me made you realized you don’t like sex” So now I feel kinda guilty

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  1. Dude, no. You have every right to reject someone. If you don’t you’re lying to them and yourself about your feelings. Best advice I ever got when it comes to dating is that you don’t owe anything to your dates (except manners and honesty). This person also acted like an ass, you didn’t like them romantically and that’s 100% valid. Exploding at them wasn’t cool, but now next time you have to be upfront and honest when you don’t have that spark

  2. Honestly you shouldn’t be on dating sites unless you’re looking for a relationship or to have sex. It’s essentially misleading and yeah you’re going to have a bad time because it’s basically lying to anyone you meet. Try Facebook or somewhere based on friends (like MeetUp). IMO you have no business being in these [dating] sites if it’s strictly platonic.

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