Dating : I see couples everywhere and i’m jelous of them.

Dating : I see couples everywhere and i’m jelous of them.

21M stopped dating for a month now. Cuz it felt taxing on my mental health and confidence.

After I stopped. Recently i began seeing couples everywhere. On youtube, instagram, reddit, games, real life during events, jogging, just walking in general.

I keep getting reminded that the goal to find someone to love. Is a goal which i’ll never achieve

Am i really that desperate? What is fukcing wrong with me? 😀

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What do you think?

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  1. your thinking too much about it. just focus on your self and focus on your goals.if all you focus on is couples then of coarse all your going to see is couples. focus on what matters to you and what you want to do.ive always wanted to do martial arts since i was a kid and so recently i have been doing research on some places and trying to get into martial arts. things like that keeps your mind off relationships. females can smell desperation from a mile away. just do you focus on you and they will flock

  2. It’s an issue which universally all miserable lonely helpless single people suffer from. I dont see it ever going away. Your jealousy might just turn into your hatred and disgust for such lovesick couples. But behind all of this will always be a lonely single heart which is craving for love and attention like the way you see around, no matter how much you lie about it to yourself deep down we all need is some love in our life lol.

  3. Get off of Instagram and un-sub from which ever sub you see couples on reddit also don’t watch the videos on YouTube with couples because as soon as you watch one there will be more popping up on your timeline.

    Just do what you like doing and have fun with friends and family.

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