Dating : I think I’m being elaborately lied to so he can dump me. What do you all think?

Dating : I think I’m being elaborately lied to so he can dump me. What do you all think?

I’ve been seeing this guy for a few months. Everything was going great, progressing not too fast and not too slow. Then out of no where he seemed to hit the breaks and distance himself. I sensed something was off but tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and told myself we were both just really busy. And last weekend he seemed to act more normal and I thought we had a great time. Then I messaged him in hopes to make plans he tells me he up and lost his job. He went back to the town he’s from to sort it out and is now job hunting. He has been taking whole days to text me back. And I still felt like something was up but talked myself out of it. Then today I looked on social media and he’s removed me as his friend and removed me as a follower on Instagram and stopped following me. So now I feel like he’s lying about it all so he can eventually tell me he’s moving away for a job and end it but still be “the nice guy”. What do you all think? Am I being lied to or am I just crazy?

What do you think?


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  1. definitely weird…and definitely the end.

    really wouldn’t even bother trying to find an answer here – he removed you on social media because he doesn’t want you to see or know something…so do yourself a favor and just tell him to get bent.

  2. Drop him. You can go crazy about the reason why but it hardly matters. It’s not hard to text back. He might just be a pussy and cannot man up to actually break up with you. Let it go and move on. It always sucks to break up but it’s just part of life.

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