Dating : I want to hit up an old date.

Dating : I want to hit up an old date.

So I used to date this guy. He was actually my first date and kiss. We weren’t anything serious. We just sucked faces at the theatre lmao. I never had sex with him cause I was a virgin at the time and I think he wanted to score me, but he is the same freak level as me

I told him « hey I became exclusive with someone, thanks for being my first date and kiss. Goodbye for now » and he said « oh. Wish you the best ». I dated my exclusive boo for 2 months and it didnt work out (wish it did tbh).
Now that Pandora’s Box is open, I do want to hit him up and hang. Most likely do salacious stuff

But a part of me says I shouldn’t do this. That it is wrong of me. But then again, he never saw me as a girlfriend kinda deal. Idk.

What do you guys think? Should I hit him up? Leave it be? Am I a bad person for wanting to do this?

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What do you think?

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