Dating : I want to make her smile

Dating : I want to make her smile

Hello Everyone,
I like a girl. We’ve Been talking over calls n text for about 2 months now… And we really click. She’s really beautiful but me, not soo much good looking (or at least i think so).
Okay so the thing is, she’s 1200 kms away. So I can’t meet her just yet, though we both wish to meet soon.
I need some advice/idea/tips to make her smile, remotely..
I sure can lighten up her mood whenever we talk, but i wanna do more.

Idk maybe this isn’t much information that I’m giving out but this is the 1st time i m having the solid vibes that if we work on it, we can be together…and idk if every 1 gets it but whenever i talk to her i get this giggly type feeling in my stomach and I can’t stop smiling.

I just wanna make her happy, from afar, at least untill i meet her.

Should i do sm online flower delivery thingy?? Is it too soon to do this?

She likes different kinds of bands for her hairs to tie them up, Should i amazon her sm stuff for hairs?? Will it be more meaningful if i gave her these when we meet in person??

I m not confused. I know what i wanna do but i dnt knw how to do it..

Please help me Reddit. She’s the ONE.

What do you think?

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