Dating : I will never be on the same level as a 6’3 man

Dating : I will never be on the same level as a 6’3 man

Guys with good height are simply in a different league.

The way women react to tall men is unreal. It’s literally not even worth trying to date when you’re below 6’2. It’s going to be endless compensating, and in the end the woman still won’t be as attracted as she would be to a tall man.

A short guy has to be fit, good job, handsome and interesting just to be equal to some entirely average low income tall man – and even then it’s not comparable, because the tall guy can simply achieve those things but the short one cannot.

The size difference is ridiculous – I’m like a literal child next to a tall man. It’s not just height, height is just an indicator – its the size of hand, broader shoulders, bigger bones… A taller man is simply more massive. Everything on a taller man is bigger and more masculine. I cannot compete. Especially since I have thin wrists too, so its not like just the height is the problem, my entire build is child-like.

What’s the point of having a relationship, when your partner considers you clearly inferior, and has just settled for various reasons?

Trying to date while being short feels like trying to sell a product to people who don’t what that product. You’re just trying to convince women when they clearly want something else

What do you think?


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  1. Confidence my friend, just reading at it I can say that what u lack is confidence.

    Look, I’m 6. 3′ with wide shoulders and when I was on my lows, with zero self steem, I attracted no one.

    U need to take the bull from the horns and take care of those things that are on our scope, keep it up and stay strong!

  2. I went from dating a 6’3 guy to my next bf who was 5’7 and unemployed when I met him. Married and had 3 kids with 5’7. Kindness, confidence, and compatibility are what made 5’7 a match. Height didn’t matter at all. There are a lot of people with fucked up superficial ideas about who they want to date, don’t make that your problem. Be open to decent humans, be a decent human, and you’ll find a happy match.

  3. You don’t have confidence and that’s something that is most important. You don’t have to be extremely confident. But being happy with who you are, helps a lot. Nobody wants someone with extreme low self-esteem. The height thing is more of a internet hype. Many many girls date guys below 6’3 and it’s based on which country you are living. Accepting yourself is a huge step up. 🙂 Example is my boyfriend he is 5′ 7″ and I live in a country with a lot of tall men and women.

  4. I can imagine how you feel but at the same time I kinda disagree. Depends how short you are. Are you below 170? Then I guess, yes, you might feel very inferior to taller guys but even then, as long as you’re confident and have something to offer, the doors are not closed for you. Far from that. I have a friend who dates a guy that is 164. He is the same height as her. He’s nowhere near handsome but his personality just totally matched hers. There are millions of women out there and this broad generalization that not a single woman would ever find you attractive if you’re not like above 180cm is not helping anyone. Most importantly, it’s not helping you and your confidence. It’s simply not true. If you are like 170 and up? That’s not bad at all! I mean, you don’t have to be 180+, my guy. Totally not. It’s just like us girls when we think that if we don’t have curves (also meaning a nice breast size) because we are naturally not built like that, many few will find us attractive compared to those sexy thick girls. But it’s not impossible cuz different people, different tastes. I’ll tell you something. I am actually a really short girl, only 158 (that’s like 5’2) and I feel very inferior to taller girls as well. You might think that it’s not the same for girls, short girls are still desirable and cute and blahblah but it doesn’t change how I feel too. I feel like taller women just look more mature, more confident, even more feminine. They stand next to those guys and look glorious. And I am literally the shortest among my friends and everywhere I go. So you can imagine, right? I feel like a damn child and it doesn’t help that I look way younger for my age. So guys that are actually above 180 are like skyscrapers to me. The taller he is, the more childish I feel next to him. I would definitely pick you over a crazy tall guy. I would rather just look into your eyes comfortably without straining my neck by constantly looking up. Or give you a kiss without having to rely on my jumping skills. Believe me, it’s not the end of the world for you. Be more confident with what you have and rock it.

  5. I don’t think that’s necessarily true a lot of attractive famous men are 5ft 8 or below.
    I think it’s cos the internet makes men believe this, but irl height doesn’t matter to most women. As for the evidence, my 5ft 8 mother married a 5ft5 man

  6. There are going to be plenty of girls that don’t need a guy to be 6’3 to be willing to date him. Some girls will date guys shorter than them. Even if most girls want to date a guy that is not shorter than them, it just gives the taller guy more options.

    I’m 5’3. Going out with a very tall guy is a little awkward for me. Trying to have a conversation while walking beside one another was the worst. I went out with a guy that was around an inch or two taller than me. It was nice not to have to stand on my toes for a kiss or hug. His height definitely bothered him more than it bothered me.

    My friend is 5’4. She matched with a guy online. She told me that she wasn’t sure about meeting a guy who is so tall. She thought it would be awkward. The guy was 5’11. While I have to admit that 5’11 is when a guy starts to feel a little too tall for me, I wouldn’t consider it a deal breaker like my friend did.

    Your bones may be thin, but building muscle will help you. A friend worked on his posture and gaining muscle and it’s incredible how much his confidence has increased as well.

  7. >A taller man is simply more massive.

    This is not true in the slightest. I’m a tall guy and there are guys shorter than me who are more built than I am

    > Especially since I have thin wrists too

    Who the fuck even notices this shit besides that one group of people with a certain mindset?

  8. As a 6’2 man I know first hand how much of this is bollocks. Women don’t care as much as you think, honestly.

    Approaching IRL might change things for you if you’re having a tough time on dating apps.

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